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Egypt Tours and Travel Services
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Independent personalized programs: 
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  Egypt - 3 Budget Tours: Egyptian Highlights:
Departures: Year round
These 3 tours, 2 with Nile Cruises, 2 with Hurghada on the Red Sea, offer reasonably priced classical tours that can be customized to your dates and budget.
Departures: Year Round:
This is our most popular program - a 15 day tour combining Cairo/Luxor/Aswan/Hurghada a Nile Cruise and daytrips to Alexandria and Fayyoum.

 Egypt - In Depth Egyptian Adventure:
Departures Year Round:
A deluxe 27 day in-depth program with a Nile Cruise. Ideal for those wanting to learn and see as much as possible of Egypt. Cairo/Alexandria/Luxor/Aswan/ St.Catherine's/ Hurghada/Abu Simbul - this tour can be customized or shortened on request. - CHECK HERE
Departures: Year Round 
A 21 day program - a full classical tour with a touch of Adventure. A Camel ride at the Pyramids, a 4x4 Safari to a Bedouin Camp in the desert, Scuba diving in the Red Sea.

 Egypt and Jordan: Egypt - Red Sea - Hurghada:
Departures: Year Round: 
13 Days - a First Class Tour combining sightseeing, learning, and leisure, see the best of Egypt and Jordan in style - two very contrasting countries, rich in culture and history.
Departures: Year round
We offer these 2 Resort packages on the Red Sea renowned for its fishing, diving, clear waters and healing sands. These tours can be combined with the classical programs for a good overall Egyptian experience.

 Egypt Sharm El Shiek & Hurghada: Sharm El Sheik:
Departures: Year Round: 
15 days - Sharm El Sheik & Hurghada combined with Classical Highlights to sites in Cairo/Abu Simbel/Aswan and Luxor.
Departures: Year Round: This resort center on the Sinai Peninsula on the Red Sea is world famous for its diving and water sports. A destination on its own or combine with a classical Egypt Tour.

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 Egypt - A Travel Information Guide:  Frequently Asked Questions
A Travelers Guide to Egypt: 
Basic information to assist you in understanding the Egyptian Culture and Lifestyle, weather, what to wear, banking and more.
Frequently Asked Questions: 
Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions on Egypt 

 Photo Gallery: Egypt Map:
A Gallery of Egyptian pictures:
A collection of Egypt photos ancient and modern - Egypt Photos
School Group Photos of Egypt - School Group
Clients Photos of Egypt Tours - Egypt Client Photos
A Egyptian Tour Map - Printable: Check out your journey before you leave.  This Map may be printed off for your reference.

 Egyptian Travel Article:
Egypt  - A Blend of Old and New
A Travel Article - by Avril Betts: 
Here you find an article from my first trip to Egypt and another written by one of our clients - Egypt Travel Articles
Owen Sound School Egypt Journal - Student Egypt Journal
A Mummy Story - A lost Mummy
Egypt Old and New - by Avril Betts:
A poem on Egypt old and new with a touch of humor  - written to inspire you to come to Egypt

Travel & Cancellation Insurance: Tour Conditions:
We have several options for International Medical Insurance and Trip Cancellation
A variety of options for any nationality - Medical, Dental, Baggage, Cancellation and Medical Evacuation. Reasonable rates and applications online.
Tour Terms and Conditions:
All you need to know on how to make reservations, and our policies on deposits,  payments, cancellations and more.

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Egypt Camel

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