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Egypt - Old and New
Avril Betts - Copyright 27th February 2001

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Avril at Gourna                  Traveling through Egypt with Khaled as your guide
                  Camels, Donkeys, Feluccas; just a few of the things you’ll ride
                  This land of civilization rich in Culture and History
                  Will to most of us remain a fascinating mystery

                  There is no doubt the Egyptians were great builders of this world
                  Even though their techniques may never be unfurled
                  The great Pyramids at Giza, the Sphinx and Valley Temple
                  Wonders of this world leading by example

                  Old and new lifestyles blend seamlessly together
                  And leave you with impressions that will be with you forever
                  Men with Suits and Galabias mix with Cars and Donkey Carts
                  Memories and impressions implanted on our hearts

King Tut and Cleopatra from the past they call
From mud huts to great stone temples, Egypt has it all
The Egyptian Museum, the Valley of the Kings
Just a small mention of Egypt’s wondrous things

Luxor, Alexandria, Cairo and Aswan,
Some of the ancient cities first inhabited by man
The temple at Karnak with its sound and light show
Just another of the reasons you really have to go

This land of ancient history calls you from the past
A warm welcome awaits you, but you’ll never be the last 
To try to solve the mysteries of the Pharaohs and the Kings
These remain forever among life’s mysterious and wondrous things

Now come on tell me honestly, and you can tell the truth
Wouldn’t you like to visit the land of Moses and of Ruth
Of course we’re here to help you to put your trip together
To plan a dream and memories that will be with you forever

Oases in the Dessert, the Delta and the Nile
Travel along with us and see them all in style
I write this as I’m traveling from Cairo to Aswan
By train I will take in everything I can

Now I have to go for I have lots to see
And you just never know one day you might agree
This land of ancient Egypt is where you want to be
So why not call us now and we can start today
To plan your trip to Egypt and to get you on your way

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Egypt Camel

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