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Owen Sound School Trip to Egypt - A Journal
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Kalena Metcalfe

HEY!!! I want to thank you so much for the amazing trip..... It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will never forget !!! I wrote a little something for the website .. I guess you could call it a Category 2 Essay entry!! thanks so much for everything that you did! 
There are events that take place in one's life that are momentous. The outcome of the experience changes the individual. The change may be small; such as saying that they tried something that they might have otherwise been unable to. In our cases it may be jumping off of a boat into the Red Sea, seeing dolphins play beside our boat, spending an afternoon riding camels through the desert with the pyramids setting an almost surreal backdrop to the setting sun. The change may also be huge; the persons involved  may have a different perspective on life. In any case I think that our trip to Egypt is one that touched and changed each participant in very separate and special ways.

To think of life in general terms, it's really a stream of memories all linked together into a slide show in our minds. Some people remember very different things to include in their slide show. People on our trip might remember the music and beats that they made in the back of the bus, for some it might be the taste or smell of a new food, others might be the memories that were shared with new and old friends; whatever the case, everyone on our trip remembers specific things that whenever triggered, brings them back to the time and place when we were all in Egypt.
This trip has made an overwhelming impact on each of our lives. There are so many things to remember (although I'm sure the hundreds of pictures will help!) From the first day that we visited the pyramids and rode the camels, to the overnight train, the cruise, Red Sea, the desert safari, many surprises!, and finally the busy streets of Giza and Cairo. All of these snapshots were part of fourteen incredible days, and the memories and experiences are embedded in our memory forever.

We have all created everlasting memories and friendships, all because of this amazing trip! We saw and experenced for two weeks a culture so truly different from the one that we left back home..This trip was truly a "trip of a lifetime!" thanks to all of you for making it something that I will tell when I'm 100!~

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